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My Search for Bouncer - PART 2-  My Search for Bouncer Begins
[NAME] = Ficticious Name, Either at the request of individual, Privacy Concerns, or On-Going Research]'
Chapter 13 - One More Things… Do you have a Bouncer machine?
Growing up in the 80's was great; I remember seeing an article in one of the magazines about 'Bouncer' and was fascinated
ever since.  I started collecting machines in the early 90's.  I was always looking for the following..... (Journey by
Bally/Midway, Blue Print by Bally/Midway, Wacko by Bally/Midway and 'Bouncer')....  Found the other relatively easy.   It was
always on my 'to find list'
As I began my video game collected, every time I raided a warehouse I always asked ‘Do you have a Bouncer machine?’ 
Chapter 14 - KLOV (Killer List of Video Games) It made the list

When the initial text list was compiled, during one of the early drafts 'Bouncer' made the list.  Its inclusion started a
renewed interest in the game; this would be the late 90's.   I wasn't alone; others had heard of the machine as well and
were also interested in looking. Over the next several years further proof would start surfacing…. Including ‘brochures’ and
various articles.
This started conversations with Todd Bordelon and Clay Cowgill among others.
Chapter 15 - RGVAC and the Florida Rumors

Before Todd's discovery of the warehouse in Baton Rouge, LA, there were rumors that popped up every now and then.   Most
were people who were mistaking it for a different game.  Among the parts that Todd had found, were a couple of 'Bouncer'
control panels and few Marquees, a package of brochures, and a wiring harness labeled 'Bouncer'....  This only stirred the pot
some more.   Other claimed to have been in the warehouse prior to Todd and got parts out of there, it’s true the owner
confirmed others had been there before.  As mentioned earlier the stories range from 'parts, PCB, and full machine'.....  Now
there is one nugget that leaves the door open here.
Someone bought a 'Bouncer' control panel from someone located in the pan-handle of Florida.  It was explained to the buyer
it was found in a warehouse in the 'South'.
This could lend support of additional Bouncer parts in the Baton Rouge warehouse.


[THE GATEKEEPER] is a collector from the South; at this point it is a little fuzzy how he made it on the radar.  Long story
short he claimed to have copies of the BOUNCER roms saved to disk.   I exchanged a series of a couple sentence emails with
him over the course of several years (including my yearly follow ups).  Here is the story as it relates the roms. Apparently
[THE GATEKEEPER] was among a group of collectors that raided warehouses in the south in the 90's.  As the story
(unconfirmed) goes in a warehouse somewhere in the south (see the theme here) a PCB was found with Bouncer roms.  A
decision was made by the group to re-create the board set and he got a copy of the roms.   He has told me on numerous
occasions he would give me the roms when he came across them, unfortunately he has been too busy during the past 10
years to get around to it.  I asked for him to put me in contact with someone on the 'team', he claimed they wanted to
remain secret.  Several years back, he claimed that [THE WIZARD] is in possession of the board.
Now [THE WIZARD] and I had talked in the past prior to this allegation. In fact, I even sent [THE WIZARD] a copy of the
repro copies of the schematics I got from Ulrich Neumann.
When I contacted [THE WIZARD] concerning this allegation, he flat out denied it.  So here is my take on this.   I tend to give
[THE WIZARD] the benefit of the doubt on this.  He has done a lot for the community, and I expect if he had it he would
have released something by now, or at the very minimum put it on display. Also I would hate think he lied to me especially
after sharing the full-size schematics with him, and knowing my passion for this game.  But then Again.... if he was sworn to
secrecy all bets are off.   As for [THE GATEKEEPER]...  I have mixed feelings I know some people had bad dealings with him
in the past, on the flip-side I've had people personally speak for well of him too.  My personal feeling is he probably doesn't
have what he thinks he has, but it doesn't mean that I won't keep pursuing it.
Chapter 17 - I Know a Guy Who Has a Bouncer machine
I was put in contact with a 'friend' of a 'friend' who has a 'Bouncer' machine; All I was told was that the person lives in
California. According to the friend it is complete but not working.  I promised them the person's identity would be kept
secret.  I asked for them to contact me directly, no dice...  I offered to provide assistance in getting it back up and running,
with the former employees blessing I offered to provide support from the guy who designed that hardware.  All I asked for
was proof that they were in possession of machine, a photo would suffice.  Nothing was ever provided, and it pretty much
died there.  I personally think they don’t have anything,  if you had a rare game that was not working, and assistance was
offered from the original hardware designer and they didn't accept it... something just didn't jive.... but then again as the
Doors said.... People are strange.
Chapter 18 - Tired Of The Flakes… Go to the Source
After dealing with RGVAC flakes and the friend of friends, I decided to start trying to track down people who worked at the
company.  My first stop was looking the incorporation papers for Entertainment Sciences, while I got the name of the
attorney who filed the papers for them it didn't lead me anywhere else.  I next checked LOCIS (the copyright database) and
discovered no copyrights were ever registered for 'Bouncer' or 'Turbo Sub'.   Next I got help from an credible source...  I
contacted Valerie Cavanaugh (editor of Playmeter magazine), she responded back a few days later with a few articles and
news clips.  These articles contained some names.  Ron Clark - President was my first target, unfortunately it was very
common name and I tracked down several Ron Clarks with no luck.  I think I may have talked with every Ron Clark in
I also shared my research with my cousin Jason Spindler (also a collector, shacklefurd on KLOV), while I was trying to find
Ron Clark; Jason found me a lead on Ulrich Neumann (VP of Engineering).   I sent Ulrich an email, and about a day later I
got a great reply...

Chapter 19 - Ulrich Neumann Rocks!!!
Ulrich Neumann has probably been my number one advocate for the search for Bouncer.   Over the years he provided me a
great deal of information about the company, the games, and the employees.   Ulrich pretty much gave me the basics of the
story described above, with addition details filled in by other employees I met long the way. I will elaborate on each
employee later in this dump.  In fact I’ve got a horribly unorganized email archive which contains most of the
communication that has occurred over the years (someday I will get that published as well) I'm adding some of the most
relevant information here.   Most importantly, he gave me the name of the former CEO, Bob Rauch.

Chapter 20 - Yes! I am Bob Rauch, Former CEO of Entertainment Sciences
Along this journey, I’ve been really impressed at how nice, helpful, and friendly most of the former employees have
been.  Bob Rauch is also among those.  Bob got me really excited when he told me that Ron Clark had a 'Bouncer'
machine is a storage unit in Southern California,  he hadn't spoken with Ron in several years but gave me information
that was key to helping me locate him.  Also Bob gave me the gruesome details about the owner of [ZULE
CORPORATION]... again it was just enough inside information to track him down as well.   Beyond that he has been
very friendly and helpful and event sent me a 'Bouncer' and a ‘Turbo Sub' t-shirt.
Chapter 21 - Ron Clark
I was able to locate a good address for Ron Clark, and I sent him a letter overnight back in 2003.  I was very surprised to
get a call from him the next day.  The biggest question running through my head.... Do you still have the Bouncer machine?
, and would you sell it to me?  Please!!!!!!!!!   That balloon was burst pretty quickly as I found out what he actually had was
a 'Turbo Sub' (And as he claimed... The only one with the final version of the software).  We probably talked a little over an
hour that first time.  He corroborated a lot of what I was already told, and gave me some additional information.   We still
talk every now and then, and I had an opportunity to purchase his 'Turbo Sub' machine a few years back (I passed that
honor on to Damon Clausen AKA AvidGeek).  Over the years he has provided me with some great artwork and other goodies.

Like Ron Clark, I was able to come up with an address for [GOZER], his search was a little more difficult and to get him to
talk to me was a little difficult at first.  After I assured him that I was not associated with the courts, not trying to serve him
papers, or not trying to recover assets he agreed to talk.  I explained that no one is after him at this point, and he started to
warm up (sort of).  In the end, he told me the sad sad tale.  He did disappear with the assets (but of course he felt he was
well within his rights); He moved everything to an undisclosed location until about 10 years later (mid 90’s) when
everything he had been hauling around was taken to the dump.  Everything except..... An upright 'Bouncer' machine, as he
figured that might be worth something he held on to it for a few more years, and then he sold it out of his garage in
Southern California sometime in the 90's (apparently part of a literal garage sale).   Everything else.... EEPROMS, disks,
films, parts, etc.  Trashed!!!!!
Chapter 23 - Other Employees
During my search I was amazed at how many employees I managed to track down during this search, it is my goal to
expand this chapter to cover many of these employees and their thoughts and comments…..  Here is a brief list and I
promise I will expand this out in time
PLEASE NOTE:  These people do not have the ROM images, and have shared what they know already, please
respect their privacy, and appreciate the kindness they have shown over the years.
Ulrich Neumann - VP of Engineering and Super Great Guy, Designer of RIP Hardware - Ulrich provided me original
schematics that I was able to reproduce and publish to my website.  He also provided me a huge amount of information to
start a focused search for ‘Bouncer’
Rob Patton - Bouncer Designer and Video Game Legend!! - Rob is also a great guy,  unfortunately he was one of the first
people to leave the company and did know much about the demise, but was able to share some great information about
Bouncer and some great stories about his co-workers and the company
Mark Mabry - Programmer - Mark was hired as production on Bouncer began, he stayed through part of the Turbo Sub
development and decided it was time to leave.   Mark was very kind to talk with me, and also shared some useful
Lonnie Ropp - Programmer, Pinball Legend- Anybody who is familiar with pinball is familiar with Lonnie.   Lonnie was brought
in somewhere along the middle existence of the company, he working on coding tasks.  After leaving Entertainment Sciences
he went back to the Chicago area and went to work for Bally/Midway….
Lars-Arne Hult - Artist/Animator - Lars-Arne Hult was animator for Disney and others, he was brought to create the
animations for ‘Bouncer’ and stayed though both game cycles. After leaving Entertainment Sciences, he returned home to
Sweden.  He is currently retired, but recently provided some great ‘development’ artwork for Bouncer which can be found in
On The Website
Emory Williams - Sales - Jack Of All Trades, and Professional Magician - Emory was brought in also in the mid-point and
stayed pretty close to the end.  He had some great stories and insight in to the company, and as he pretty much drove the
few produced Turbo Subs around the country, he knows where some of the bodies are buried.  
Dick Keenan - Industrial Designer & Major Contributor to Turbo Sub Concept - Dick was there pretty much from the
beginning until he was terminated by Richard Schemider.  Dick was brought on as an industrial designer and worked on
some of the physical components of ‘Bouncer’, he also was heavily involved in the ‘concept’ of Turbo Sub.  I tracked him
down a few years back and shared some art work and made me offer to buy the rest… Maybe I should put together and
‘Kickstarter’ and pursue some of these offers.
[THE SHADOW] - Technician - As I recall, [THE SHADOW] was brought on by Ulrich and new each other from the San Diego
area.  John was Ulrich right hand man on the design of the RIP system and the technical tasks.    [THE SHADOW] was also
kind enough to share some information with me and send me some original ‘in-house’ Zaxxon schematics he acquired from
Ulrich…  [THE SHADOW], like others also wishes to remain out of the loop publically and therefore I ask that no attempt is
made to contact him, I have his contact info is there is ever a need.
Jeff Conly - Artist/PR - Jeff was brought on as an artist, and he is responsible for brochures created for ‘Bouncer’ and ‘Turbo
Sub’ and other non-video related art for the company.  I tracked Jeff down a few years back and had a brief conversation.
Richard Schemider - Investor/Hostile Take Over (Deceased 2006) - There is a whole section dedicated to Richard.   I had the
opportunity to talk with Richard several times prior to his passing.   To put it mildly, even 20 years later he was still bitter
about the whole situation.  He sought out my help with contacts in the Oil & Gas company I worked for at the time with the
promise of providing me ‘materials’ from Entertainment Sciences which never materialized.  He claimed to still have some
items be retained outside of what was left in the house.     I am in the process of following up with these items with another
family member.
Ron Clark - President - After tracking Ron down (thanks largely to information provided by Bob Rauch), I was pleased to
receive a call from him where we had a long conversation about Entertainment Sciences and his theories why they were non
successful.   Over the years he has provided some great information and was kind enough to contact me when he decided to
let his ‘Turbo Sub’ go (I passed the honor on to Damon Clausen who much closer proximity…. Would it have been a
‘Bouncer’….totally different story J ).   He also had some spare parts that he gave to Damon which he thought might have
contained by ‘Bouncer’ roms but don’t appear to at first glance.
Bob Rauch - CEO - I fired off an email to Bob Rauch…. A few weeks later I got a response after he returned from vacation.  
Bob was super kind, and provided information that was monumental in continuing my research,  he was also kind enough to
send me some T-Shirts from promotions for ‘Bouncer’ and ‘TurboSub’
And More……. (To Be Continued)

Chapter 24 - NINJA III - The Domination
So I figured out early on to find 'Bouncer' was going to involve thinking outside of the box.   Several employees remembered
'Bouncer' being in the movie, and remember a couple of guys driving the cabinets to Phoenix, AZ where the movie was being
filmed.  I was actually quite surprised when I made an attempt to track down the director and was successful (that's another
funny story for later, actually talked to several directors along the way)...  In any case he put me in contact with Property
Master for the film,  Lee Lazarow,  Lee is another great guy (who always has some prop to sell), in any case he recalled that
they delivered 2 machines to Phoenix (1 was a working machine, the other was just a shell to be used for the special effects
shots).   Long story short, the cabinets never made it back to Entertainment Sciences, the working one was actually given
to/ sold to one of the special effects guys that lived in the LA area, he unsure what became of the cabinet used for the
special effects (not too concerning as it contained no electronics)
Unfortunately, Lee remembers that special effects guy who bought the cabinet was actually uncredited in film.  

Chapter 25 - The Infamous [THE KEYMASTER]
So here is a good nugget of information, almost everybody I've talked to at Entertainment Sciences says I need to find [THE
KEYMASTER].  I have been totally unsuccessful in tracking this guy down.  I think he lives 'off the grid!!!  I’ve gotten past
addresses and phone numbers, but he seems to move around quite a bit.   On the bright side, I actually have a picture of
him... In fact have a picture of pretty much every employee.   Apparently, [THE KEYMASTER] was the last employee, the one
who closed up shop.  He was a the replacement technician for [THE SHADOW], so he was responsible for wire-wrapping,
burning roms, etc.
Everybody thinks if someone from the company has anything it will probably be him....  I’ve recently come across new
contact information and I am in the process of following up.
Interesting note:  After Entertainment Sciences, he went on to patent various technologies. 
Chapter 26 - Richard Schemider
As mentioned above, this guy is the investor that came in and went to war with the staff, in the end he took what little
remained and moved it to Louisiana.   Story goes like this….  Richard Schemider was initially an investor in Entertainment
Sciences, after some time he became frustrated with the lack of progress and later injected himself into an active role with
the company.  It was well known that he and Ron butted heads quite a bit and ultimately he was successful in getting Ron
removed as president of Entertainment Sciences.   In my limited dealing with him before he passed I can agree that he was
a difficult and shrewd person, but in fairness he was a bit of a visionary as well.. It was his desire to transition from coin-op
to home computers for Entertainment Sciences but this never came to be.
After getting this guy’s name from Bob Rauch, both Todd Bordelon and I tracked him down in Beaumont, TX where he had a
company called Schmart Engineering.  His company developed software for piping in the Oil and Gas industry.  He had
absolutely NO INTEREST in talking to either of us.  One time he mentioned he still has a drawer full of stuff from
Entertainment Sciences.  I even got him a business meeting with the Oil & Gas employer at the time in exchange for a
discussion about Entertainment Sciences stuff.  Unfortunately nothing panned out, and Mr. Schemider died in 2006.   There
may still be something there and I am in contact with surviving family members to see if anything is left.

Chapter 27 - How Many Machines Are Out There (My Theory)
I've pondered this question often, but I believe there are at least 3 machines still out there, possibly more...
1) The one [GOZER] sold out of this garage in SoCal, this could be in the hands of a private collector
2) The one the special effects guy on NINJA III took home after the shoot, he may still own it or also sold it to a private
3) Gene Lewin, had one in his possession and sold it non-working for $100 to somebody in 1989.  Likely reconverted to a
Tempest Machine.   I am on the fence on this one…  Primarily, how would a ‘Bouncer’ end up in a ‘Tempest’ cabinet?  ES has
a dedicated cabinet for ‘Bouncer’ even for prototypes (in fact they were all prototypes)… 
Beyond these it's possible a couple more are out there, Entertainment Science wasn't big on recovering machines loaned
out, however there weren’t that many working PCB’s around either and the majority of them were repurposed for TurboSub.  
If we put stock in the ‘rumor’ of the collector who has a ‘Bouncer’ machine… is that one of these machines mentioned above
or yet another one. 

Chapter 28 - Has ATARI played you today…..
I mentioned earlier that Atari strung them along on a licensing deal for quite some time.  It is my understanding that Atari
was in possession of a board set for some time period.  It's possible (most likely) it was never returned.  I was hoping Scott
Evans might have found in his stash re acquired from Atari (Hi Scott :) ). 
Unofficially, many former ES employee believe Atari Ripped off the features of the ‘RIP’ hardware in incorporated them into
their ‘System II’ design.  Also there are some interesting similarities between ‘Bouncer’ and ‘Paperboy’.
Likewise, Sente also showed an interest also came out with a system which has features in the RIP system
So it is possible I ‘Bouncer’ PCB was retained by Atari and ended up somewhere

Chapter 29 - October 2014….  The Search Continues
This search has lead me to the brink of sanity and back!  Over the past 10+ years I cannot describe the feeling of thinking
you are close to finding it only to have your dreams smashed time and time again…..   My research goes in cycles, I go full
force for a while and then have to walk away just not to get totally burned out.   I more or less abandoned hope of finding a
machine for my collection a few years back, and realize it’s more of the chase that thrills me.   I want this game to be
preserved for all, it is an important part of video game history with one heck of a back story.   Ideally, I would like the ROM
images to made available to the ‘MAME’ team for inclusion as this is extremely rare game, and get a cabinet completely
working for enjoyment at various classic video game shows…. 

Chapter 30 - Decisions, Thoughts, and Latest Priorities
So I have been toying with releasing my research to the general public, the fact you are reading this is an indication I am
leaning this way.   I’ve captured nearly every conversation I’ve had regarding ‘Bouncer’ I fear releasing the archive would
lead to a couple of issues.
First, it might be misused and people will not respect the kindness some have shown in the past and therefore we might lose
valuable resources.  Second, along the same lines people may not understand the difference between speculation and fact
and cause issues among the collection community by making false statement or allegations, and finally that someone may
find the machine and decide to horde it…. If that happens then this was all just a waste.
Here are some of my latest thoughts…..  I strongly believe the master EEPROMS for Bouncer were in the office at Baton
Rouge Wood Works.  This was a missed opportunity as it was not raided when the opportunity presented itself (the priority
was grabbing the cabinets and parts).  We will never know what in that office…….  Unfortunately this happened before my
As for the latest priorities, [THE KEYMASTER] is my top priority!!  He would have been responsible for burning roms and was
literally the last person left when the company closed down, likely he doesn’t have anything but it will haunt me until I know
for sure.
Again,  Need to reach out to [THE GATEKEEPER] for the ‘supposed’ copies of the ‘Bouncer’ roms and revisit this secret group
of people who claim to be in possession of the ‘roms’  I like to call them the ‘Collective’
Finally, need to update the website with lots of updates, and install a forum for collaboration.  Also I will be putting together
the email archives for use with trusted researchers.   For information not published here, please contact me…. My contact
info is on the website....