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A Website Dedicated To The Only Two Games Ever Produced By Entertainment Sciences
In 2003,  I decided to go looking for a Bouncer arcade machine.  The question was posed "Did Bouncer Ever Exist ?",  I went in search of the answer.....  

This web page is the result of my on-going search.   I've tried to include as much information as possible, there are few facts that are not published at the request of person(s) who were interviewed.  During my search I was fortunate enough to contact almost every employee of Entertainment Sciences.  Where permitted, I have published their comments.  While everyone I contacted was very nice and helpful, some wish to have their privacy respected and are not identified in this website. 

Please note: No former employee or company officer is in possession of a Bouncer machine, roms, or any other parts.  Please respect their privacy and enjoy what they have shared through this site.   Any items that I have obtained, will be posted on this site for all to enjoy.

Latest News:

11/5/2014 -
Possible new test location for Bouncer in 1983...  Either San Francisco, CA or Ontario, CA.... More details soon

10/30/2014 -
Added a Halloween Greeting.... And a prediction of where my search leads me

10/28/2014 -
Web Site Changes are in place,  currently tracking down a new set of leads....  Check out the Story of Bouncer on the tabs above,  it documents much of what has been discovered so far.